• " With Barilliance Product Recommendation and Cart Abandonment services, our sales increased more than 20% within weeks of going live"

    Meir Tsinman, President TheMedicalSupplyDepot.com
  • "We were searching for a cost-effective way to reach out to visitors that had abandoned their shopping cart and Barilliance was the answer. Their zero-integration solution allowed us to easily set up a series of emails to automatically send to visitors that had abandoned their cart. I highly recommend Barilliance. Their support has been phenomenal."

    Deborah Weckesser, President TheWeddingOutlet.com

Key Benefits

  • • Increase conversion rates
    • Improve ROI on your marketing campaigns
    • Boost engagement and loyalty
    • Reduce acquisition costs

Maximize your added value

As an agency, your customers expect you to keep raising their conversion rate and AOV. Barilliance provides you with a powerful platform to deliver those goals with minimal work and maximum results.

With the Barilliance tag installed on their sites, you can provide customers with these services:

  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Product Recommendations
  • Email Recommendations

segmentation options

Easily optimize marketing campaigns

Barilliance provide you with the tools to do anything from a simple banner based campaign to highly suphisticated multi stage targeted campaigns.

Here are some examples of what you can do with the Barilliance personalization suite:

  • Optimize landing pages
  • Trigger cart abanonment email campaigns based on cart content
  • Serve advanced personalized product recommendations
  • Offer and apply coupons automatically to specific target audiences (including time and quantity limited coupons)
  • Target banners, offers, products, promotions, popups, feedback forms or registration forms to any audience
  • Personalize emails and newsletters triggered by any email provider
  • And much more...
All from an intuitive management console and without any IT involvment

segmentation options

White label solution

You can choose to use Barilliance as a descrete service, in which case your customers will be given a javascript tag with a URL which is not on a Barilliance domain.

This way you get the flexibility to offer all the powerful value added services as part of your own offering while setting your own prices.

A True platform agnostic 5 minutes setup process

All your customer has to do is add one javascript tag to the site pages.
Once the tag is there we run our setup process (which takes 7 days) and our system starts extracting product catalog, clickstreams, searches, cart insertions and checkouts in real time.
There is absolutely no effort from your side or the customer side for the setup process.