• "The best zero integration webtool. They do magic, you get more conversions"

    Alex Dantart, COO -

Key Benefits

  • • Increase conversion rates
    • Improve ROI on your marketing campaigns
    • Boost engagement and loyalty
    • Reduce acquisition costs


You probably send the same product offers to all of your customers. How about sending each customer a different email with personalized product recommendations based on her most recent activity on your website?

Works with your existing email provider

Our patent pending technology works with any email provider that supports custom fields. This way you can continue to manage all of your email marketing initiatives in one place and you don't need to worry about syncing subscribers lists.

Get up and running in minutes

Built on top of our Zero Integration technology and utilizing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, Barilliance's Email recommendations service can be implemented in a few minutes driving the setup cost to practically zero.

For marketers

To start sending personalized product recommendation in email campaigns, all you need to do is copy and paste a few lines of HTML into your email template.

Real time optimization

Barilliance's personalized email recommendations are generated in real time, when the user opens the email. This unique approach allows the system to optimize the recommendations during the campaign in real time as shoppers open the emails and click on product recommendations.