• "We are now using Barilliance's personalization technology to better target and serve our customers and are extremely happy with the results."

    Matan Armoni, Marketing Manager -
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Key Benefits

  • • Increase conversion rates
    • Improve ROI on your marketing campaigns
    • Boost engagement and loyalty
    • Reduce acquisition costs



Barilliance's behavioral targeting service allows marketers to define highly targeted customer segments and present visitors with relevant personalized landing pages, messages, and product offers. If a user arrives from your Google campaign why not welcome her with the same message you had on your ad copy?

segmentation options

Increase conversion

Your customers are different: they may be first time visitors or loyal customers; they can live in the US or in Europe; they might have found your site on Google or clicked on your banner on one of your affiliate sites. These differences matter, and you can use this information to create a more personalized shopping experience which will increase your conversion rates.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Not all visitors who arrive to your site are ready to make a purchase. But those who added products to the shopping cart are getting closer to making a decision. Utilize our service to present these shoppers, with relevant and timely messages that will drive them to complete the transaction.

Add content anywhere

Don't stop at landing pages. Add personalized content across any page on your website and tie it directly to search terms, referring sites, or referring marketing campaigns that brought the customer to your website. You can decide on which pages the content will be visible and do it yourself in a few minutes without IT involvement.

A/B Testing

Easily test content and offers against a control group to measure conversion lift.

Best practices

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. The product comes with pre-defined best practices that work for many of our customers. We also provide default and dynamic content that you can easily customize to match your site's design.

Google Analytics integration

Create campaigns with dynamic offers based on your conversion data from Google Analytics. The product comes with built-it best practices such as "first time visitor" and "International Shipping" campaigns that will be filled with relevant segment values from your Google Analytics data.

Auto apply coupons

Gain control over coupons distribution and delight eligible segments of customers by automatically applying the codes for them at checkout. Create sense of urgency and scarcity by limiting coupon validity and quantity and see you conversion sky rocket.

Targeted feedback forms

Can't figure out why a certain segment is under-performing? launch a targeted survey in minutes, show it only to this segment and find out what's the issue.