Advanced segmentation options

Define multiple segments based on shopper behavior, traffic source and social media attributes for example number of Facebook friends.

segmentation options

Add personalized content everywhere

You can add personalized content on any web page without IT support.

segmentation options

Google Analytics integration

Create campaigns with dynamic offers based on your micro segments and conversion data from Google Analytics.

segmentation options

Deep catalog understanding

The content you will show visitors can include real products from your catalog, you are not limited to images and banners.

segmentation options

Collect feedback

Target low converting segments and ask these visitors for feedback to better understand why they leave your site.

segmentation options

Auto apply coupons

Auto apply coupons to eligible segments of customers and hide the coupon code box from everyone else

segmentation options

5 minute setup

Simply add a single code snippet on your site pages. We do the rest. You have no risk, no commitment and no investment.

5 minute implementation