Barilliance was founded in 2009 by a team of SaaS & eCommerce experts that were driven by a passion to transform the adoption of eCommerce personalization from a daunting challenge into an essential component of any online retailers strategy.   The company has developed a revolutionary integration process that allows the implementation of the richest featured personalization tools in just a few minutes, with no need for IT support.  Once implemented, the real power of Barilliance is in the easy-to-use interface which allows marketers to create rules, triggered personalised emails and targeted campaigns, on the fly, without much technical know-how.


With a Software-as-a-Service delivery, zero integration technology and great customer support, Barilliance has earned the trust of over 500 eCommerce sites worldwide. The company’s innovative R&D team is constantly developing new features that enable its customers to enhance the functionality of their websites and create personalized interactions with visitors in ways they never thought possible.