How Pushys Uses Personalization to Multiply Revenue.

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Personalization Matters

Pushys is Australia's leading online bike and multi-sport retailer.  

With Barilliance, Pushys creates 1 to 1 engaging experiences by collecting visitor data and personalizing web pages, message bars, pop-ups, and product recommendations to each customer.

The end results are an engaging customer journey and relevant, compelling offers.

Increasing Revenue With Personalized Product Recommendations

Key Results

+ 238.70%

Increase in Pageviews/Session

+ 13.48 Minutes

Average Session Length

+ 288.61%

Avg. Number Items Sold


eCommerce Conversion Rates


Avg. Revenue per Visitor

Solutions Employed

  • Multiple Recommendation Types - Barilliance offers over 20 types of personalized product recommendations that can be customized to fit your brand
  • Automatic AI Optimization - Barilliance learns over time what products convert best for which visitors 
  • Cross Device Continuity - Barilliance is able to track visitors across devices and sessions

Pushys utilizes Barilliance's product recommendations both on their site and in their email campaigns.

By personalizing each page to customer's known preferences, Pushys creates relevant customer experiences. In turn, presenting the right content and offers helps Pushys monetize their site visitors.

Below is an example of how Pushys uses these capabilities to personalize the entire customer journey of a first time visitor.

Pushys Home Page, first visit

First visit home page

This is a partial screenshot of Pushy's homepage for a new visitor.  

For first time visitors, Barilliance hasn't collected any known product or category affinities. To maximize conversions, Pushys offers their most popular items across a variety of categories.

First visit to Product Page

Once a visitor begins interacting with Pushys site, Barilliance is able to begin building that customer's 360 profile. 

In this case, the visitor navigates to a product page. 

Barilliance tracks this action, and records that the visitor is interested in this product and product category. Once on the page, Barilliance is able to personalize it according to both the page itself as well as other customer data.

In this case, product recommendations are created in real-time based on Pushys stocked products and the behavior of all the other customers who viewed this product before.

Specifically, Pushys uses two Barilliance recommendation types.

First, Pushys makes sure they convert the sale by offering competing products that past visitors have viewed when considering this item.


Second, Pushys maximizes revenue by offering a number of cross-sale opportunities that are often bought together with the viewed product.

Return visit to Home Page

After Barilliance gathers information, it is able to personalize any webpage including home, category, product, blog, and cart touch points.

When this visitor returns to the home page, instead of showing a generic list of the most popular products as before, it displays the most popular products of the category last visited.

Michael Carlisle  Head of IT & Systems

"Barilliance's personalization platform gives us the ability to create specific offers, and personalize the entire customer journey for our visitors. "

How Pushys Maximizes Conversions with Live Notifications

Key Results

+ .39%

Add to Cart Rate


Conversion Rate

Solutions Employed

  • Social Proof Messages  - Pushys maximized conversions through social proof notifications such as "Now Trending in this Category" and "Last purchased  3 minutes ago by someone in New York". 
  • Urgency Messages  - Additionally, Pushys used urgency messages to compel customers to complete their orders such as "Act Quick! 7 People are about to buy this product.
  • HomePage Messeging  - Maximized exposure by defining general live notifications such as "480 people are now shopping on site"  
  • Exposure Controls - To prevent customer frustration and annoyance Pushys used Barilliance's exposure controls. 

With Live! Notifications, Pushys is able to present relevant messages pertaining to the exact category and products their customers are shopping.

To test the effectiveness of Live!, Pushys created a simple A/B test. 

On the A, they implemented a number of Live Notification strategies. The complete results are below.

Experiment Group

Add to Cart


Experiment Group: Messeges Visible



Control Group: Messeges not Visible



Michael Carlisle  Head of IT & Systems

"We've invested a lot into making our site user friendly. Barilliance takes that to the next level by giving us the ability to control exactly which offers each customer segment receives."

How Pushys Maximized Holiday Sales With Onsite Personalization

Key Results

+ 4124%

Avg. Increase in Promoted Product Sales


Attributable Weekly Product Transactions


Attributable Weekly Product Revenue

Solutions Employed

  • Merchandise Driven Offers  - Pushys used Barilliance's personal offers to push their merchandising objectives. 
  • Saved Cart Banners  - Maximized conversions from returning visitors.  
  • Exposure Controls - To prevent customer frustration and annoyance Pushys used Barilliance's exposure controls. 

With Onsite Personalization, Pushys is able to go beyond product recommendations. Pushys utilizes a number of widget types, from message bars to pop-ups. The content of the offers can be personalized according to their own merchandising goals (in the case below) or to customer's preference (as in the "We Saved Your Shopping Cart" Banners).

Pushy's Onsite Personalization

With Barilliance, Pushys ran a holiday campaign spanning 10 days leading up to Christmas.

Each day a different item was promoted in a custom pop-up. 

Leveraging Barilliance's exposure capabilities, Pushys precisely timed a new deal to appear each day and elected to limit the popup display to once per customer.

On average, the single day promotion of each product resulted in a 4,124% increase in that item's per day sales, and accounted for 68.25% of the promoted item's weekly revenue.

The most successful promotions boosted daily product sales by 10,500%, accounting for 93.10% of that product's weekly revenue.

Beyond personalized pop-up offers, Pushys uses a number of other on-site personalizations.  

While new visitors are greeted with a "Deal of the Day" message bar, returning visitors who left items in their cart are reminded to complete their purchase. 

Cart items are saved, allowing these prospects to complete their purchase in a click of a button.

on site personalization

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