How to Build an eCommerce site that generates constant growth


Zivame is India’s largest online lingerie store featuring over 3,000 styles from more than 42 brands and aiming to make lingerie shopping easy and private for millions of women in India. Founded by Richa Kar,  Zivame started its business in August 2011.  Richa chose a Hebrew name for her endeavor (Ziva in Hebrew means ‘radiant’, hence ‘radiant me’). Little did she know that it will be a technology originated in Israel that will be one of the factors that have contributed to the site remarkable success.  Just 2.5 years later, Zivame is growing at 10 to 20 percent every month, aiming at hitting $164 million in annual sales turnover, sometime in the next four to five years.


The Challenge

Success was instant for Zivame with a 400% growth in sales within its first year. But the Zivame team was not resting on their laurels.   Like most e-commerce sites they were facing the usual checkout problems, mainly a very high rate of cart abandonment.  Another big requirement the team was looking to address is the ability to personalize the customer experience, every stage of the purchase journey.


The Solution

After reviewing several vendors Zivame selected to implement the Barilliance personalization suite mainly because it offers an integrated suite of products with enterprise-class functionality that is intuitive to use for marketers. Implementation of the recommendation engine and the cart abandonment tool was very quick. Within a few hours the Zivame team was able to customize the system and go live with the first cart abandonment email campaigns.  The user friendly product dashboard enables the Zivame team, to monitor on a regular basis, the effectiveness of all the campaigns.


Product RecommendationsProduct recommendations on page

Barilliance enables Zivame’s marketing team to proactively define the recommendations by choosing anyone of the 20+ types of personalized product recommendations:  Top sellers, search engine keywords based recommendations, similar items, cross sell and up-sell recommendations.  In the case of shoppers are presented with personalized product recommendations across different page types:

  • Recommendations on product page
  • Recommendations on cart page
  • Recommendation on cart abandonment emails




Retargeting emails

Zivame uses Barilliance cart abandonment email tool to trigger a variety of emails.

  • Viewed items email
  • Cart Abandonment emails


Viewed items email

Zivame proactively approach customers who had just browsed the site without adding items to the cart. If the customer is a returning customer or a customer that opt in their email via one of the promotional pop-ups,  then the Barilliance tool can trigger an automatic email to be sent to this customer, containing the items the customer had viewed.

In the case of Zivame, when a customer was just browsing the site, they get an email 24 hours later with the subject line:   Did you find what you were looking for on Zivame?


Cart abandonment emails

Zivame treats every abandoned cart like a potential purchase and implement the site personalized shopping experience throughout a set of retargeting emails.
When a visitor abandons a cart at, they do not just get a general retargeting email. Every potential customer receives a set of three personalized emails, that contain their personal cart content plus a set of personalized product recommendations, which is based on that visitor activity on the site.


The first automated email is sent 1 hour after the abandonment, in case a purchase is not made the 2nd email is send 24 hours later, and if the visitor has still not made a purchase after one week, a third email is sent.