Advanced Product Recommendations Algorithms


The Barilliance product recommendation engine keeps track of every activity shoppers perform on your site from the products they’ve looked at, added to cart and purchased to their favorite categories. It gathers this individualized information over time and builds a rich consumer profile. This profile, combined with other shoppers’ activity, is the basis for the product recommendations that are presented to shoppers.

Our system responds to shoppers’ activity in real time. For example, if a shopper lands on the site’s electronics category, we would display top items in that category. However, if the shopper looks at digital cameras and the returns to the category page, we present relevant digital cameras as opposed to general top sellers.

The product recommendation system is also semantically aware and understands the specific semantics of your site. For example, if a shopper is looking often at discounted products or the promotions category, the recommendation system will label the shopper as price sensitive. This information will be used by the product recommendations engine to promote similar products at the same price point.