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Personalized Retargeting Emails

Trigger personalized cart and browse abandonment emails, activate dormant customers and capture more email addresses of anonymous shoppers. Use our cart abandonment email best practices to create your strategy.

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Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalize and automate cross-sells and up-sells across every customer touch point. We use transparent algorithms you can understand and control.

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Website Personalization

Increase sales and conversions by segmenting and targeting visitors with real-time personalized messages and offers. Make changes to your website without IT support.

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Build trust and create a sense of urgency by presenting real-time notifications of shoppers’ activity on your site.


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5 Minute Setup

5 minute setup integration with your e-commerce platforms, seamlessly integrates with your email provider.


Here are some of the platforms our customers use:

“Barilliance’s Cart Abandonment software has well and truly proved its worth – the ROI exceeded expectations and from a technical perspective “it just works””

Hamish Cameron - IT Manager, Sealink Travel Group

“Switching from VE Interactive for Shopping Cart Abandonment and Avail for Product Recommendations has been seamless and allowed us increased customization, control and support. The customer service and quick response time has been a massive stand out for Barilliance, in addition to the effectiveness of their product”

Matthew Trant - Director-Digital Marketing,

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Cart Abandonment Email Best Practices & Samples – Part 1

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Exit Intent Pop Ups: Increase Your Conversion Rates and Cart Recovery Ability

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