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RFM Analysis Guide: 6 Key Segments for RFM Marketing

RFM analysis increases eCommerce sales.  The truth is, RFM segmentation enables personalized marketing, increases engagement, and allows you to create specific, relevant offers to the right groups of customers. Further, it is...Read more

Dynamic Content Examples that Increase Conversions

Dynamic content creates better shopping experiences.  With more relevant offers, interactions, and recommendations, your site will increase both conversions and AOV. This guide breaks down what website dynamic content is, and...Read more

Personalized Product Recommendations effect on conversion rate

Personalized Product Recommendation Tips and Stats

Product recommendations can multiply profits. Unfortunately, many eCommerce companies install a simple plugin and leave it at that. The truth is... not all recommendations are the same.We've found that detailed, personal...Read more

[Case Study] Amazon Omnichannel Strategy

How would you rate your current omnichannel strategy? In this case study, we explore Amazon's multifaceted omnichannel strategy, and highlight lessons any eCommerce store can apply.If you'd like to skip...Read more