Retention Marketing

Retention Marketing

Drive growth through repeat purchases, reduced churn, and increased LTV.

Know your customers

Barilliance combines customer data from various channels (email, web activity, physical stores and CRM data) and across devices into a single 360 user profile. Drilling down to the customer level allows you to see data broken out by individual customer and session: products viewed, added to cart, purchased, and search terms used.

Find your next segment to focus on

Focus on the best opportunities and prioritize campaigns based on Barilliance 360 customer big data. You can see the size and intent of various target audiences in real time. We calculate key metrics such as LTV and average order value.

Engage in a personalized way

Easily embed highly customized product recommendations in our point and click campaign builder. Full integration with our product recommendation engine and website personalization suite creates specific, relevant offers that go beyond simple coupons and blanket discounts.

Barilliance is loved by users worldwide

Juan Larrauri

Digital Marketing Manager - LG Spain

"We were looking for a tool to manage automatically our merchandising needs. But we found more than that in Barilliance."

Michael Carlisle

Head of IT & Systems - Pushys

"We've tripled eCommerce conversions since partnering with Barilliance."

Go beyond email

Engage customers beyond email through both social and mobile. Export your most profitable audiences to Facebook in a single click.

Measure and automate

Identify best performing campaigns and optimize with built-in analytics. Automate delivery of future messages to selected customer segments.

Connect your online and offline stores

Barilliance centralizes your customer data, empowering you to drive in store actions.

You can segment your existing customers by location to let them know about in-store promotions or new store openings. Maximize conversions by showing them personalized product recommendations based on both their onsite and in-store behavior.

The right product to the right customer

Barilliance Retention gives you the ability to create relevant offers, based on the exact customer segment you select. You can segment customers based on previous purchase behavior, demographic data, or onsite actions.

The dynamic recommendations are presented in real time, when the email is opened– not when the campaign is sent out.

Unmatched ROI

Target customers with relevant, personal retention marketing campaigns.

Increase Lifetime Value

Retention clients continually improve LTV by:

  • Creating personal upsells, cross-sales, and down-sales
  • Testing Unlimited A/B Experiments
  • Building look-alike audiences based on their most profitable customers

Key Benefits

Retention clients continually improve AOV by

  • Sending post-purchase offers, including personalized recommendations based on their last purchase.
  • Identifying at risk customers for Win-Back campaigns.

Save Time

Retention clients continually save time by using our:

  • Drag and drop campaign builder
  • Automated campaign delivery
  • Built in analytics per campaign
  • No SQL or IT Resources needed