Use social proof to build trust and create a sense of urgency by presenting real-time notifications of shoppers' activity on your site

Personalized Product Recommendations

Target customers with personalized recommendations across multiple pages and multiple channels

How Does it Work?

Visitors browsing your site will be presented with a rich set of real time dynamic notifications such as “x people are shopping now” or “last purchase of this product was from NYC 12 minutes ago” which are based on real data from your site. You can set conditions for when, where and how many notifications will appear and how they look. The notifications are fully customizable to match your site’s design.

Automatic Optimization

Forget about manual A/B testing work! Barilliance Live conducts continuous automatic optimization by testing the effectiveness of each notification against a control group. Over time, only messages with positive impact on conversion will be visible.


Built on top of the Barilliance personalization engine, the notifications are also tested and optimized based on the user’s profile. This means that first time visitors might see a completely different set of notifications from the ones returning customers will see.

"Since the guys at Barilliance applied the ‘Live messages’, we have seen a 10% uplift in conversions. It’s amazing what such a small tweak can do to conversion" -   Jake Alberts,