Discover How Barilliance Helps Hundreds of eCommerce Brands Connect With Customers

+15.2% Conversion Rates on Product Recommendations

See how Billabong took advantage of Barilliance's AI to maximize conversions across home, category, and product pages.

+68% Conversion Rates on Personalized Email Widgets

WildEarth leveraged onsite and cross-platform personalization solutions to create high converting experiences. 

+317% eCommerce Conversion Rates

Clients want relevant offers. Bing Lee implemented a number of personalization techniques including: relevant messages for first time visitors, 1:1 recommendations, and affinity based offers and more than tripled their eCommerce conversion rate.

+11.9% Incremental Revenue from recommendation solutions

Overstock Artr implements a variety of recommendation solutions throughout their user journey to maximize sales and revenues.

+197% Conversions With Website Personalization

Lovely Wholesale uses personalization to identify important segments and create personalized offers just for them. Often, this means surfacing the right products with specialized offers. 

+158.11% Revenue With Personalized Recommendations

Pushys utilized Barilliance to understand customer preferences in real time, and personalized the entire customer journey. The results? +158.11% revenue and +288.61% average number of items sold per transaction.

1,486% ROI with Triggered Emails

Skandium uses a variety of Barilliance features to engage with customers in real time, interrupting abandonment and recovering revenue that would have been lost.

+25% Increased Sales with Personalization

Venta Muebles combines the whole Barilliance product suite to create personal offers. The results are improved sales, multiplied conversion rates, and better customer experiences.

+300% Revenue Lift

+175% email CTR

"Within a week, we were already seeing positive results with our conversion rate and average ticket as a result of Barilliance personalized recommendations."

Doug Smith, 3Balls' VP Marketing and Business Development

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