Barilliance R&D team constantly adds new features to the Barilliance suite of eCommerce personalization products.  As our software is on the cloud the improvements are seamless to our customers.  We'd like to take the opportunity to share with you the major improvements and new features added to our various products during 2014

Triggered emails

New Popups

  • ‘Back in stock’ popup - Offer customers to receive ‘back in stock’ alerts for out-of-stock products they visited.
  • Visit summary email’ popup - offer customers to send a summary of their visit including products they viewed and added to cart.  This popup is especially useful for mobile users. It enables them to start their browsing session on their mobile, and continue the session on other devices.  This new feature can be used also to show a general email capture form.

Additional integration with ESPs

In 2014 we added the ability to trigger emails also via Exact Target and Email Direct

Cross device detection

As more and more shoppers use multiple devices, we now recognize when the customer changes devices and enable showing an offer zone with the content of the cart if the customer clicked on a cart abandonment email and landed on a different device from the one he/she used when the cart was abandoned. This feature is activated from the opportunities section.

Additional purchase detection mechanism

In cases where users buy over the phone after abandoning their shopping cart , we can now add a pixel to the purchase confirmation emails (on platforms that support custom fields for email address). This will mark the visitor purchase and avoid sending cart abandonment emails when conversion was not detected on the site.  

Website Personalization

(used to be called “behavioral targeting”)

Additional Segments:

  • Weather segment - allows targeting customers by local weather
  • About to leave – target customers who show exit intent
  • Has email  - you can now target visitors for whom Barilliance has not previously captured their email and ensure that you don’t target customers who are already in the system.
  • Time on page  – this segment will trigger the action only after the user has spent a certain amount of time on the page.

Product recommendations

New Product Recommendations Types

We added new recommendation types: “new” , “price drop” and “sale” The recommendations can be used on the homepage and show new products from categories/brands the user visited.  In order for this to work,  Barilliance customers ( need to include a flag in the product data feed that specifies if the product is new/on sale/recent price drop The new recommendation types: “new”, “price drop” and “sale” are also included as types in the email recommendations widget. If the user does not have recommendations from the selected type, the widget will show the defaults promoted by our customer and if the customer has not promoted any, the widget will show random items that match the type (for example new items) In addition, customers now can add a title to the email recommendations widget. Using this feature customers can now create a “new for you widget” and know the widget will show new items.