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The 5 Best Ecommerce Marketing Tactics You’ll Ever Use

You’re an online store owner. You have your website, your order processing, and your payment processing set up – ready to accept any volume of orders that may come your way……

Below are 5 of the absolute best ecommerce marketing tactics that you can implement to capture and re-capture the interest of your target audience and drive more sales……

Try This: Capture Emails During Checkout

If you want to do this automatically, you need to set up a system that can detect if a visitor has visited your checkout page but has not visited your “order confirmation” page.

When they are in the checkout, you can use a solution like  Barilliance to trigger a coupon or an offer to save the cart in exchange for their email. You can then combine this email with the anonymous data that you collect about that user to create a customer profile, from which the abandoned cart email is personalized!

This way, you can easily send an email to follow up and ask why they haven’t completed their transaction with you but also really tailor this experience to improve your chances of a conversion.

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