The secret of good email marketing is getting the right offer to the right person at the right time. And the right time is probably not when you send a marketing email, but when your subscriber opens it. Barilliance dynamic personalized product recommendations are presented  in real time, when the email is opened– not when the campaign is sent out.  This unique approach allows the system to constantly optimize the recommendations during the campaign.


How the recommendations are created and how often they are updated?

Personalized email recommendations are generated based on the email address of the email recipient. When an email containing Barilliance personalized email recommendations is first opened the system looks at the data associated with that particular email address and generates recommendations based on the email recipient’s recent activity on the website.

Once the recommendations are generated they are cached for 24 hours and will not change. If the email is opened again after more than 24 hours then the system will generate a new set of recommendations. If the visitor visited the site during the prior 24 hours then the new recommendations are likely to be different.


How are recommendations generated when adding them to cart abandonment, post-purchase and other triggered emails?

The recommendations are generated in the same way they do as explained above, based on the recent history of the associated email address but the logic that is used will give more consideration to the items that are currently in the cart or that were recently purchased. If there isn’t enough data to display recommendations based on the cart or recently purchased items more generic recommendations will be used.


How does the system capture the visitor email address and how it affects the recommendations

The system captures the email address when visitors type it on the website. The most common places being when logging-in, checking-out or creating a new account. Once the email is captured any past or future actions done on that particular device (mainly viewing and buying products) are associated with that email address and will be used for email recommendations.


What happens if I send the recommendations to someone who never visited the website?

If the system doesn’t have enough data to display personalized recommendations for a particular email address then the recommendations will be a mix of the site’s top sellers, the products you selected for manual promotion, or items that tend to have a good click-through rate.


Which type of recommendation should I choose in the Barilliance “widget content” menu?

Unless you are adding the recommendations to one of the other triggered emails (cart abandonment email, post-purchase emails etc…) you must select the first option Recommended items for general newsletters.