Increase Email Capture rate with “Triggered Emails Booster”

Cart abandonment tools are an effective way to convert lost leads into customers. However, you can only send cart abandonment emails to abandoners whose email address you possess. While you have invested countless hours of work into building your email lists, in practice you are unable to utilize these email lists to contact cart abandoners who are not logged in to your systems.


What if you could use your those email lists to re-target potential future customers and reduce site and cart abandonment? Is that possible?


Yes – with the new Barilliance “Triggered Email Booster”. If a visitor has previously registered his or her email address with the website, when that customer later revisits your website from a link in your email newsletter, that customer is automatically paired with their associated email. This solution enables you to send cart abandonment emails to all the visitors whose email you’ve previously captured, without bothering them for information


send cart abandonment emails to your entire email list


For Barilliance customers, deployment of the solution is simple and takes just minutes.  No IT skills are required, and no additional code needs to be installed.