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iPhone Conversion Rates By Model

Many researchers in the past have shown that Apple users are more valuable than other phone brand users. We at Barilliance were curious and decided to delve into the subject and investigate the internal trends within the Apple community, specifically within the group of iPhone users. 

We were wondering what the conversion rates would be for iPhone users broken down by models. Therefore, we sampled over 1,200,000 sessions done by iPhone users and found a clear trend as shown by the chart below.


iPhone Conversion Rates By Model:

iphone conversions rate by model

As seen from the chart above, there is a clear trend that shows that the conversion rates improve as the models used for the purchase are newer. Although iPhone 7 is still new and the sample size is small, the starting trend indicates a higher conversion rate.

This comes at no surprise as newer models are faster and easier to use. This means that issues such as long waits and confusing process, that hinder customers from making a purchase are less prevalent in the newer models, leading to the higher conversion rate for such models.

It is possible to see a slight dip in the conversion rates with the iPhone 5C users. Perhaps the reason for this decline is a certain different feature in this model that makes transactions online difficult to use or a long process.

In conclusion, it is known that Apple users are more valuable and convert more than other phone brand users. For this reason, it is important to focus on those users. With this new information, however, you can further focus by segmenting the Apple users by the iPhone models that they use. Understanding that the users of the newer iPhone models are more profitable than other iPhone models users, you will be able to focus on them and treat them differently.

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