How Lovely Wholesale Doubled Conversions with Personalization

How Lovely Wholesale Doubled Conversions with Personalization

Brought to you by Lovely Wholesale & Barilliance

Brought to you by Lovely Wholesale & Barilliance


In the midst of a pandemic, Lovely Wholesale is thriving because of their  commitment to creating personalized experiences.

Recently recognized as the 4th fastest growing eCommerce store in the United States by eCommerceDB, Lovely Wholesale has succeeded by presenting the right products at the right time to their shoppers. 

However, the challenge of personalization is significant, especially with a catalogue as wide and deep as Lovely Wholesale. To succeed, they turned to Barilliance's product recommendation engine and website personalization capabilities. Their goals were to

  • Increase conversions for first time visitors
  • Optimize results quickly through AB testing and machine learning
  • Boost average order values for transactions across customer segments

Krystal YangMarketing Manager

"Barilliance allows us to quickly iterate offers and personalize experiences for our customer segments. We've seen fantastic ROI."

Key Results

+197% Conversion Rates

+23% Revenue from Product Recommendations

Increasing Conversions for First Time Visitors

Converting first time visitors can be difficult. 

By definition, these visitors don't have a relationship with Lovely Wholesale. To overcome this challenge, they used a variety of techniques to establish trust and increase conversions.

Establish trust with embedded social proof in product recommendations

To boost conversions with first time visitors, Lovely Wholesale wanted to leverage social proof seamlessly in the shopping experience. 

They decided to embed social triggers inside the recommendation widgets. 

To control which message was sent out, they detailed specific rules using Barilliance's Live! Recommendations. 

Create unique offers for first time visitors, lifting conversion rates to 8.1%.

To further increase conversions for first time visitors, Lovely Wholesale created a series of promotions.

Leveraging Barilliance's AB testing capabilities, they were able to quickly optimize the offer and how it was presented.

Here is one version of a PC overlay. Current iterations have conversion rates as high as 8.1%.

Using Machine Learning and AB Testing to Optimize Results

With the goal of continually improving results, Lovely Wholesale makes use of Barilliance's build in optimization and testing suite. 

Using AB Tests to Create an 89% lift in CTR

AB Testing is a versatile capability, fundamental to systematically improving customer experiences.

Lovely Wholesale uses AB Tests to quickly iterate development. Here they are comparing widget placements. Holding the offer the same, they test whether it performs better as a sidebar or as a modular popup. 

Increasing AOV with Relevant Offers 

Dynamic content to increase AOV during cart recovery

The most common reason for cart abandonment is unexpected and high shipping costs. 

Lovely Wholesale wanted to create cart recovery campaigns that increased conversions without compromising on profits. 

Their solution was to develop a series of offers, personalized for the current cart value. If the transaction was already high enough, they wanted to encourage conversion through free shipping. 

But, if not, they would offer free shipping as an incentive to increase their order value. 

Boost AOV through merchandizing rules and impulse buys

Impulse purchases have long been used by brick and mortar retail. 

Checkout aisles sell more than $5.5 billion USD every year in grocery stores. Everyone must pass through checkout, and are much more likely to purchase after already committing to buy other items. 

Lovely Wholesale wanted to capitalize on this buyer behavior.  They hand select impulse buy items and present, injecting the recommendations in a recommendation widget placed inside the checkout experience. This iteration converted at 10.95%.

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Our technology stack has helped well over 500 world class companies, including US Appliances, GANT, and Pushys.

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