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Barilliance Email Personalization Pays Off for Online Fashion Retailer Lux Fix

Lux Fix, an online fashion retailer specializing in British independent designers, has achieved a 136.2% increase in recovered sales from cart abandonment emails by implementing the Barilliance email personalisation solution.

According to InternetRetailing most of the UK’s Top500 retailers lag behind when it comes to implementing an email personalization program.  While the majority of marketers understand the advantages of email personalization, they struggle to convert this understanding into action, leaving money on the table. For Lux implementing an email personalization program with Barilliance resulted in an 85.7% increase in email conversion rates and a 136.2% increase in recovered sales from cart abandonment emails.


Lux Fix implemented Barilliance personalized product recommendations and cart abandonment emails in 2014, offering their visitors a personalized shopping experience throughout every step of their journey. In November 2015, the company refined its personalization offering by embedding Barilliance personalized product recommendations in all of their email campaigns. The recommendations offered in each email are not only personalized for each customer, but are also dynamic, meaning that they are generated in real-time when the email is opened– not when the campaign is sent out. This allows for the most accurate and relevant recommendations to be shown as it takes into account the current status of the user, product stock levels, and other considerations.


Moreover, by deploying a new unique Barilliance feature, the Triggered Email Booster, LUX FIX are now able to send cart abandonment emails to any visitor who arrives at the site from an email blast without the need to capture their email address during their visit.
A comparison between the overall results of LUX FIX cart abandonment email campaigns during December 2015 and the same period the previous year reveals several compelling facts:


  • Recovered sales from cart abandonment emails increased by 136.2%.
  • Adding personalised recommendations to the emails increased conversion by 85.7%.
  • Implementing the Triggered Email Booster increased email acquisition by 104.7% (from 5.4% to 11%).


“The setup process with Barilliance was very quick and easy,” said Alice Hastings Bass, co-founder of Lux Fix. “We’ve been refining our personalization across our website and email campaigns and benefiting from their new features. Integration with Mailchimp was very straightforward and is a great way of providing personalized/targeted product recommendations to customers as part of our email marketing calendar. “


A sample of a personalized cart abandonment email sent by Lux Fix. The product recommendations are generated in real-time when the email is opened– not when the campaign is sent out.

email blasts with personal recommendations1

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