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Conversion Rates 2016 By Device Pattern

The global average conversion rate is the highest via computers, followed by tablets, and lastly phones, according to the ecommerce personalization provider, Barilliance.

Conversion Rates in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Globally, By Device, in 2016:

The average global conversion rate in 2016 was 2.70%. Split by device, the global average conversion rate of computers was 3.25%, tablets was 2.96% and phones was 1.90%.

The difference between the average conversion rates of computers and tablets is only 0.29 percentage points. The average conversion rate for phones, however, falls much behind tablets (1.06 percentage points) and computers (1.35 percentage points). This shows that generally, computers are the most successful when closing the deal.

Australia has much lower conversion rates than the other two countries examined. Its average conversion rate is 2.63%, while for the rest it exceeds 3%. Individual device wise, its computers conversion rate is 3.77% while for the rest it exceeds 4%. Similarly, its tablets conversion rate is 2.34% while for the rest it is beyond 3.3%, an almost 1 percentage point difference.

Australia’s phones conversion rate however isn’t the lowest, rather the U.S.’s is, with 1.09% compared to 1.78%.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, United Kingdom had the highest average overall conversion rate of these countries, 3.36%. The U.K. also had the highest rate of computers, 4.52%, and phones, 2.17%, and second highest rate for tablets, 3.37%.

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