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How to maximize your email campaigns effectiveness

Email newsletters are an important device in every marketer’s toolbox. Some new, easy to implement, Barilliance techniques can help you maximize their effectiveness.  In the following document we detail three techniques that will help you boost conversions using newsletters. Good luck and may you have a ‘newsworthy’ holiday season!

Best Practice 1 – Re-target Your Newsletter Readers

For eCommerce marketers, customer email addresses are gold, allowing them to continuously engage shoppers and re-target them. But conventional methods require bothering shoppers for the information. What if you could capture an email automatically without requiring the visitor to enter their address? Is that possible?

Yes – with the new Barilliance Triggered Email Booster. If a visitor lands on your website from a link in your newsletter, we can automatically pair that person with their associated email. This solution enables you to identity previously anonymous shoppers without bothering them for information.How to grow cart abandonment emails lists Copy


Best Practice 2: Include Auto-Applied Coupons

Enticing newsletter readers back to your site with coupons is a well-known marketing technique to maintain loyal customers. Typically, this is done using coupon codes. But Barilliance now offers a new, better way to do it – with auto-applied coupons.

What’s wrong with coupon codes? Unfortunately, discount shopping sites often get wind of the codes and post them publicly, beginning a dangerous chain reaction. The codes are soon posted on many other discount sites attracting a tidal wave of unwanted sale seekers to the store. At this point, the goal becomes mitigating losses. Merchants then have a difficult choice – deactivate the code and risk damaging their image with their loyal customers or leave the code up and suffer a large monetary loss.

search coupon code on google

This serious problem can be easily solved by doing away with coupon codes altogether and using instead auto-applied coupons. Clicking on one takes the customer directly to the site and automatically applies the coupon for them. Now no codes are needed. Segmenting your coupons further insures they are used only by the targeted customers.


Another common problem is lost coupon codes. Many shoppers forget where they placed their coupons, rendering them useless and endangering the sale. Here too auto-coupons can help, as shoppers automatically apply the coupons directly from the emails, so they don’t have to remember their location.


A third reason to do away with coupon codes is jealousy. When shoppers who don’t have codes see the coupon box, they believe other customers are getting a better deal and feel cheated. As a result, they may leave your site. For all these reasons, auto-applied coupons are your best answer.

activate coupon image

Best Practice 3 – Add Real-Time Personalized Product Recommendations

Instead of displaying general products in your newsletter, why not show products of particular interest to each individual reader?  Do this by adding personalized product recommendations based on the specific preferences of each customer. Not only can the Barilliance personalization engine do this, it can even deploy dynamic recommendation fields. These populate in real-time, when the email is opened and not when it is sent, providing the most relevant choices.  In the example below you can see Barilliance product recommendations triggered by that change according to the visitor’s on-site browsing behavior.

include product recommendations in your emails

Barilliance patent pending technology works with any email provider that supports custom fields. This way you can continue managing all of your email marketing initiatives in one place and don’t need to worry about syncing subscriber lists.

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