The Most Comprehensive Cart Abandonment Software

Cart abandonment software that multiplies opt-ins, personalizes messages, and recovers sales by 30%.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Target customers with personalized recommendations across multiple pages and multiple channels
shopping cart abandonment emails

How our clients earn 2,400% ROI

Marketing should produce results.

On average, our clients experience a 47% open rate by sending personalized, responsive abandoned cart emails. From there, our clients benefit from a 25% click through rate, ultimately recovering a full 18% of abandoned carts on average. What would that mean for your business?

shopping cart abandonment emails

4 Features that Personalize Engagement

  • Embed Personal Recommendations - Make recommendations like Amazon. Our recommendations predict what your future customers will want based on your current customers’ behavior.
  • Responsive & Cross-Device - Your customers expect accurate, personal touch points. We automatically fit emails to their screen size, buying stage, and previous interactions with your store.
  • Dynamic Multi-Step Campaigns - Smart multi-step campaigns filter out customers as they purchase and maximize sales.
  • Unique Coupon Codes - Create and insert unique coupon codes to reward your most loyal customers or incentivize first time shoppers.

cart abandonment email

Capture more email addresses

Chances are, most visitors leave your website without entering an email address. You can’t send emails if you don’t have an email address.

4 Tools to (Quickly) Grow Your List

  • Save My Cart - Collect emails by providing value and service. This pop-up offers convenience, saving a customer's time and energy.
  • Visit Summary - Grab visitor’s emails even when they don’t put anything in your cart. Our Visit Summary offers a detailed product list that they just viewed to refer back later.
  • Feedback Summary - Prompt visitors to give feedback, and in the process collect their email. Feel free to incentivize with coupons, discounts, or unique products.
  • Booster Pixel - Our most powerful tool. This unique pixel allows you to retarget email subscribers who visit your site, regardless if they enter their email again during checkout.

Barilliance Cart Abandonment Dashboard

Analytics & Smart Segmentation

Barilliance does more than increase sales. It helps you understand your customers. 

How Barilliance Improves Conversions 

  • Track Customer Behavior - We help you understand the entire buyer journey, connecting offline and online visits, on-site behavior, exit intent, cart size - enabling you to make the perfect offer.
  • Improve With A/B Testing - Our Cart Abandonment Solutions come with unlimited A/B testing support, allowing you to optimize email open rates, click through rates, and sales.
  • Actionable Analytics - Marketing ought to prove ROI. Our automatic reporting identifies high performing campaigns to emulate, and low performing campaigns that need to be improved.

Personalized emails improve click-through rates by an average of 14% & conversion rates by 10% -   Aberdeen

Include product recommendations

Integrate personalized product recommendations in every triggered email you send to your customers and improve click-through-rates and conversion rates

​Responsive templates for triggered emails

Barilliance software offers responsive templates for triggered emails, so no matter on which device the email is opened on (mobile, tablet or computer), the email content is optimized.

Moreover, to address the device-hopping trend of today’s online shoppers, Barilliance has developed a cross-device recognition technology that presents customers with a widget containing their original shopping cart items, even when the cart abandonment email is opened on a different device from the device originally used for the shopping session.

The results speak for themselves - 390% increase in revenue from our Cart Abandonment strategy. The ROI is staggering and the tool pays for itself within days on turning it on. -   Dane Walker, E-commerce and Marketing Manager for Princess Polly

With Barilliance, you’re in control

Ready out of the box

Your account comes with pre-defined email templates and onsite banners so that you can get started quickly. However, you have full control over templates and imagery and can change anything, anytime without contacting us.

Features you need

  • Multi-stage campaigns
  • Ability to show
  • ​Rich segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • ​Email suppression
  • ​ESP integration

5-Minute Setup

​Simply add our tag and you’re done. How come? Because we configure our system to capture data instead of asking your IT to send it to us. Our script loads after your page has loaded and will never slow down your site.