eCommerce tools that multiply revenue.

Personalized experiences, advanced testing, and triggered messaging that increase sales.

Create personalized offers for each visitor.

  • Dynamic recommendations based on real time customer data.
  • Personalized popups, message bars, and overlays for shopper segments such as new, returning, and high spenders.
  • Change website messaging, layouts, and design based on customer data.

Turn data into sales with AI multivariate testing.

  • Increase conversions by optimizing messaging, layouts, offers, and more.
  • No-code live frontend visual editor doesn't require any IT resources
  • Collect KPI data for each variant, including CTR, CR, AOV, and total revenue.
  • Automated AI optimization that detects winning variations and allocates traffic.

Personalization reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment

Increase repeat purchases

  • Add personalized content to your post purchase messages including unique coupon codes, content, subject lines, and recommendations based on previous orders and pages seen.
  • Identify returning customers even if they aren't signed in with triggered booster.
  • Create repeat purchase campaigns via Messenger, email, or in-app messages 

Recover lost sales with triggered messages

  • Multiple triggers such as back in stock, email my cart, visit summary, browse abandonment, and cart abandonment.
  • Embed personalized product recommendations and content related to viewed products
  • Leverage multiple channels with push notifications, FB Messenger, API calls, and email to create a comprehensive abandoned sales campaign.

Barilliance is loved by users worldwide

Juan Larrauri

Digital Marketing Manager - LG Spain

"Its personalization software surpassed our expectations and drove conversion and cross sales up to record levels while literally saving hundreds of hours in manual work."

Michael Carlisle

Head of IT & Systems - Pushys

"Barilliance's personalization platform gives us the ability to create specific offers, and personalize the entire customer journey for our visitors. We've tripled eCommerce conversions"

Tamara Falcke

Email Channel Manager - Surfstitch

"We were able to achieve a 300% revenue lift on our previous efforts in this area and were able to more than double our previous ROI."

Matan Armoni

Ecommerce Director - EyeBuyDirect

"We are now using Barilliance personalization technology to better target and serve our customers and are extremely happy with the results."

More than a product. Barilliance is a personalization partner that understands eCommerce needs.

5 Min Integration

Different Icons

Flexible Contracts

And diff colors

Responsive Support

For each benefit

Unmatched ROI

Target customers with dynamic content across multiple pages.

Make changes in minutes

Add personalized content across any page on your website on any device. You can decide on which pages the content will be visible and do it yourself in a few minutes without IT involvement.

Pre-defined best practices

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The product comes with pre-defined best practices that work for many of our customers. We also provide default and dynamic content that you can easily customize to match your site’s design.

Multivariate A/B testing

Take advantage of personalization variations to create true multivariate tests.

Quickly iterate and maximize conversions and AOV. 

Unmatched ROI

Target customers with personalized recommendations across multiple pages.

Expected Results

On average, revenues generated from product recommendations account for 12% of total revenues.

Conversion rates of customers who clicked is 5.5 times higher compared to those who have not interacted with recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Higher average order value
  • Improve merchandising efficiency
  • A/B Testing
  • Higher engagement and loyalty

No Need for IT Support

Simply add our tag and you’re done. How come? we configure our system to capture data instead of asking your IT to send it to us. Once the system starts to collect data, there is a learning period in which data is analyzed (2-4 weeks depending on your traffic and catalog size).