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Conversion Rate Optimization

Introducing Multivariate Testing with Live Editor

Barilliance, a leading personalization platform for Retailers, launches full multivariate testing and optimization with a live front end visual editor. Retailers can now create personal experiences for unlimited audiences, without needing design or engineering resources.


Multiple variations can be quickly created for each experience. Key metrics are measured for each variation, empowering data driven decisions. Alternatively, brands may have machine learning capabilities automatically select winning variations and optimize traffic allocation.

Using the visual editor, users can make changes with a simple point and click interface. The real time WYSIWYG feedback unlocks easy edits. Users may select any element on the site. Elements can include text, images, buttons, or even introduce new elements to the page not on the control such as a message bar or popup.

“Retailers can now create personal experiences for unlimited audiences, without needing design or engineering resources.

Once an element is selected, users can either change the style of the element or the content. The changes are displayed in real time giving direct, visual feedback.

Once a version is finalized, users can add others. Built in machine learning can automatically select winners based on selected goal metrics. Winning variations can become the default experience a given customer segment sees.

Barilliance measures conversion rate, revenue, average order value, add to cart rate, bounce rate, and specific URL destinations for all variations tested, giving a complete picture of how the variation performed.

Multivariate Live Editor: Key Features

  • No-code Visual Editor:  Save design and engineering resources with an intuitive WYSIWYG front end editor.
  • Flexible Test Goals: Specify which goals are most important for your variation, and quickly see how it impacts key metrics.
  • Machine Learning Optimization: Automatically detect winning variations and allocate traffic.
  • Advanced Audience Segmentation: Experiences are tied to defined audiences. Audiences can be defined by previous engagements such as purchases, real time behavior such as current page or cart content, traffic source, custom profiles, and more.
  • Unlimited Multivariate Testing: No limits on the number of elements that can be changed in a variation.

About Barilliance

We help retailers increase revenue by creating personalized experiences for their customers across mobile, web, and email. Our technology stack has helped well over 500 world class companies, including US Appliances, GANT, and others.

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