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10 eCommerce Marketing Tools To Use For 2015


Already four months into the year and it seems like new technology spreads faster than wildfire. While you don’t need to change your marketing tactics completely, elevating your repertoire certainly gives you an edge up against your competitors. Great tools can only mean creating longevity and making things easier to manage. Luckily for you, there are a lot of tools on the market that will help you get through this year without a hitch. Here are 10 solid eCommerce marketing tools to use for your 2015 campaign………

10. Barilliance

Fully personalized structure is what this business is about. Through this avenue, eCommerce sites will increase sales and conversions by helping visitors with a personalized multi-channel shopping experience. Ultimately, it helps bridge the gap between the consumer and producer relationship.

Sure things such as cart abandonment emails are good to help get back in the graces of your customers, but there’s more work to be done. What if you could create a custom email that targets their buying behavior? This is much more effective than sending a spammy email that may only result in an unsubscribing.

Also, you can offer a way to get their email address in a non-invasive manner when they go to shop on your site or even when they leave with no items in their carts. A future email may actually catch their eye and here you go with a loyal customer literally at the steps of your business. Sending a personalized email after now and again can help increase your engagement. Not to mention, making it optimized for a mobile, tablet, or computer – will get even more clickthroughs.

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