Behavioral Targeting for a Personalized and Successful Shopping Experience

Reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase purchase rate with Barilliance’s personalized marketing tactics. We are sharing few Website personalization examples to help you launch your personalization activity.

Barilliance utilizes behavioral and geographic targeting to motivate website visitors to act immediately and make purchases. Customers are prompted with personally-tailored dynamic content, including popups, banners and website messages that welcome them to the site. These tactics offer unique, one-time and time-limited promotions, leading to a proven decrease in cart abandonment and increase conversion. See website personalization examples


Selected features & Website Personalization Examples


Welcome first-time site visitors with unique personalized offers

Convert new website visitors into customers with offers and information, exclusively available to those making first-time transactions.


Target Individuals Using Localized Top Banner

Utilizing Barilliance’s web personalization solutions, a UK retailer created geo-targeting functions, facilitating the dynamic presentation of different top banners that vary according to the site visitor’s updated geographic location. The geo-targeted banners capture and engage site visitors, presenting limited-time offers, geo-targeted rates and more.


Capture website visitors’ e-mail addresses

Capture the e-mail addresses of potential customers for marketing and retargeting purposes by using personalized triggers. Offer a coupon, discount, newsletter and other relevant content in exchange for the customer’s e-mail address.

Increase the chance of opt-ins by presenting unique email opt-in messages based on the products the visitor has been browsing. 

Coax customers to increase their order value

Tantalize customers into adding items to their shopping carts by inserting personalized upsell and complementary offers, or by enticing them with free shipping over a certain order value on the shopping cart web page, increasing overall purchase value.


Entice customers to make a purchase with a time-limited offer

Prompt customers to immediate action with a sense of urgency, remarketing products as “must-haves” and prices as “bargains,” based on the items already in their shopping carts.


Keep customers on your website with exit-intent popups

Use exit-intent popups to keep customers shopping, reduce cart abandonment and increase sales with promotional offers.
Segment the offers to increase the likelihood of conversion. For example, present different discount offers based on cart content.


Use “Welcome Back” messages to redirect returning customers to active shopping carts

Remarket items previously selected by customers by redirecting them to abandoned shopping carts and prompting customers to continue their previous shopping trip.


Launch a personalized greeting campaign to build a relationship with customers

Use personalized greeting popups (such as birthday wishes), banners to building a relationship with customers and encourage them to keep shopping on your site.
In the following example, the banner is presented only to visitors arriving through a birthday greeting email. The personalized promotion is then enhanced by presenting a stopwatch on the offer zone.


Take advantage of seasonal sales trends

Increase conversion during seasonal increases in shopping by offering customers exclusive promotional offers.

Change the page presentation according to the weather at the customer’s location

We hope you liked our website personalization examples. If you would like to see live examples do not hesitate to schedule a free demo.