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Barilliance Adds Web Push Notifications to Omnichannel Offerings

Web Push Technology allows brands to re-engage shoppers with personal messages that lower cart abandonment and increase repeat purchase rates.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL August 7, 2020

Barilliance, a top personalization platform serving hundreds of leading Retailers, adds advanced web push notifications to it’s omnichannel personalization suite.

Retailers can now directly communicate with visitors in a non-saturated channel.

Leveraging Barilliance's 360 degree customer profile, rich customer insights are used to dynamically create and personalize messages. Segments can be created based on engagement behaviors such as products viewed and added to cart, as well as traffic source, funnel stage, known visitor attributes (shoe size, favorite brands, etc.), and more.

Once a segment is defined, brands can create specific messages across the customer journey. For each, a behavior trigger is detailed for when to start the campaign. Currently, the most popular triggers are cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and after purchase .

When a shopper triggers a campaign, a browser notification message is shown in-browser. Brands design the templates and Barilliance populates it with personalized 1:1 content like cart contents, items viewed, and tailored incentives to complete purchase.

While shoppers are required to authorize messaging, the process is frictionless. No personal details are required. Likewise, there is no signup procedure.

Like all Barilliance products, deep multivariate testing, automated optimization, and performance analytics are included.

Web push notifications are the next step in a complete omnichannel offering from Barilliance, complementing the existing machine learning solutions such as personalized popups, banners, message bars, triggered emails, social messages, and cross-platform product recommendations.

About Barilliance

Barilliance helps hundreds of leading retailers create relevant, 1:1 experiences for their customers across mobile, web, email, and social channels.

Combining machine learning technology and aggregating customer data across channels gives clients the ability to perform deep multivariate testing and automatically optimize their campaigns.

Since 2009, Barilliance has focused on creating the best experience for Retailers. “Zero integration”, WYSIWYG design tools, and 24/7 customer support and a zero lockin experience are a few ways Barilliance has made life easier for eCommerce leaders.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at

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Stephan Serrano
Director of Marketing

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