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Cart abandonment

Black Friday 2017 Cart Abandonment Stats

Black Friday, the single highest selling day in eCommerce, just passed. This year we looked at over 18 million sessions over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend from top performing eCommerce stores. 

​We looked at cart abandonment rates across both geography and device.

​For an in-depth study on how ​product recommendations effected conversion rates and AOV on Black Friday weekend, click here.

Key Takeaways from Black Friday Cart Abandonment Rates

  • 74.5% US Cart Abandonment - the highest cart abandonment rate by country was the United States. 74.5% of all carts were abandoned.   
  • 10.6% Improvement in AOV for Desktop - Desktop transactions had an average of 10.6% more items in their cart. 
  • 15.9% Increase in Cart Abandonment for mobile- Despite improvements in mobile experience, transactions on mobile continue to experience dramatically higher cart abandonment rates.
Black Friday 2017 Stats

Black Friday Cart Abandonment Stats Breakdown

Cart Abandonment by Territory

Global cart abandonment over Black Friday weekend came in at 72.5%.

Interestingly, this is significantly lower than the global cart abandonment average last year. In 2016, the average cart abandonment was 77.24%, a full 5 percentage points higher.

The United States experienced the highest levels of cart abandonment at 74.5%.  Meanwhile, Spain had the lowest overall cart abandonment rate at 70.0%.

Here's a quick breakdown of the four countries with the largest presence in our dataset.


Conversion Rate

Cart Abandonment Rate




United States












Cart Abandonment by Device

Across the board, mobile performed the worst of all devices. At the Global level, mobile 10.7% worse than desktop.

In the United States, this disparity increased to 12.9%. In the US, consumers completed 31.8% percent of their transactions on the computer, while only completing 18.9%

Next Steps + 2 Resources

Mobile offers the highest opportunity for most eCommerce stores. According to Smart Insights, 71% of all website traffic in the US came from mobile. 


Mobile has both the highest cart abandonment rate and the lowest average order volume. 

Overcoming these challenges requires technology that is adaptive across platforms.

Finally, I want to leave you with three resources.

The first is our in-depth Shopping Cart Abandonment Guide. We cover everything from how to correctly measure cart abandonment to specific strategies and tactics you should employ to lower cart abandoment for your store. 

Second, we compiled a list of successful cart abandonment email examples

Third, is our own shopping cart abandonment product. To learn how Barilliance helps eCommerce retailers reduce cart abandonment, click here.

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