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Brexit Spikes Sales Among Non-UK Residents at UK E-commerce Websites

Data from 50 UK stores show overall increase in sales and revenue from outside the UK

Tel Aviv, Israel, July 6, 2016 – Barilliance (, the e-commerce personalisation solutions provider, reports that sales among UK retailers online increased dramatically among non-UK residents in the week since the Brexit referendum on June 23. Number of sessions, conversions and sales increased among retailers, as cart-abandonment numbers dropped.

The strengthening of foreign currencies against the GBP lead non-UK consumers to purchase from UK retailers at a significantly higher rate than usual. Barilliance analysed sales data among 50 UK retailers that use the Barilliance e-commerce personalisation technology and revealed that:

  • The number of sessions increased by 5.9%
  • Conversions, whereby a web visitor makes a purchase, increased by 28.7%
  • Sales increased by 30%
  • Cart abandonment, the rate at which consumers leave a website without completing a purchase, dropped slightly by 1.3%.

Barilliance reports that all of the sites using their technology remained fully-functional at all times, despite the fact that many UK sites fell offline due to high traffic from outside the UK in the 24 hours following the referendum.

About Barilliance:

Barilliance is a comprehensive e-commerce personalisation suite that helps e-commerce sites of various sizes to personalise their users’ shopping experience. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery and Zero Integration technology enable online retailers to reap the benefits of the personalisation technology without upfront investment.  Barilliance solutions are used by over 500 e-commerce sites in 30 countries.


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