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Cart abandonment

More flexibility in your cart abandonment email templates

A newer version of this post has been created for 2018.  Click here to view updated post.


When we design our products and specific features within them ease of use is one of our main concerns. We consider the fact that our customers can log-in and have a cart abandonment email templates ready for use in less than 5 minutes a major advantage. One of the things that make this possible is our built-in best practices together with default options that work well for almost everyone. But sometimes our customers want more control over how things are laid out in the email and now that is possible using our advanced HTML widget. Using the advanced widget you can create an HTML template that will be used to display the items that were abandoned in the cart. You are also not only limited to displaying the item’s image but can also display its name and price. To use the advanced widget simply edit your cart abandonment rule and check the Advanced widget (HTML template) checkbox.

advancedwidget The widget for creating abandoned cart email template is comprised of three sections: header, footer and item HTML. The header and footer are optional and can be left empty. The item HTML is displayed for each item in the email. This means that if you decide to display the item in a table then the tables’ tags need to be placed in the header and footer (since they are repeated only once) while the main table data is placed in the item HTML section. Inside of the item HTML section, you can use the following tokens: %image_url% – A link to the product’s image. This should be used in the `src` attribute of an `img` element. %product_name% – The name of the product %product_price% – The current price of the product %click_url% – This link will lead to either the product’s page or to the shopping cart, depending on the setting you choose in *Click on product images goes to*. It should be used in the href attribute of the a element. The advanced widget can be used in cart abandonment emails, viewed products emails, and post-purchase emails. Below you can see the difference between how cart abandonment items are usually laid out and a possible use of the advanced HTML widget: widgetnew

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