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How FB Messenger Can Dramatically Lower Cart Abandonment

Do you know the biggest opportunity to lower cart abandonment in 2018?

Every few years, a new marketing opportunity emerges.

Today's new channel is messaging apps. And the biggest opportunity is in the form of FB Messenger and cart abandonment campaigns.

Why Messaging Apps Are The Biggest Opportunity Today

Messaging apps are becoming the default way consumers communicate. Adoption is wide, and it is deep.

There are roughly 4.1 billion active users for the top four apps. 

Every year, those 4.1 billion users increase the time they spend on these platforms. In 2016 the average person spent 6 minutes inside messaging apps. By 2017, that number increased 33% to 8 minutes. So far in 2018, we’ve seen another leap of usage, with the average time ballooning to 8 minutes.

According to stats compiled by Business Insider, active users on messaging apps surpassed social networks in early 2015.

3 Benefits of Using Messenger Over Email

Messenger has 5 major benefits over traditional email cart abandonment strategies.

1. Higher Open Rate

First, Messenger has a higher open rate than email campaigns. 

According to a study by Mailchimp, the average eCommerce email open rate is 15.66%.

Meanwhile, case studies on Facebook Messanger report open rates between 98% - 88%

This improvement alone, all else equal, would improve results upwards of 525%.

2. High Click Through Rate

Second, FB Messenger has extraordinary click through rates compared to email. 

For years, email's click through rates have been on the decline. That same Mailchimp study shows an average conversion rate from email standing at just 2.07%.

One major reason for this is oversaturation, with the reports ranging from 88-124 emails received per day.

This ins’t the case with messaging.

Users have the most control over who is allowed to interact with them. This clears out the noise, allowing those companies with permission a clear communication line. 

3. Better Customer Experience

Finally, cart abandonment campaigns delivered via FB Messenger have a better experience. 

Traditionally, abandonment campaigns that are delivered via email force the shopper to open a new browser, and load a page.

The amazing thing about campaigns sent through Messenger is that the links open within the app. This means that shoppers won’t need to wait for an external webpage or app to load. Recent studies show that 64% of customers expect companies to interact with them in real time.

You can also setup sequences based off of cart abandonment events, including up-sales and cross sales. In other words, you can make personalized recommendations in app for your top prospects.

"I believe within 5 years, Messenger will be the largest marketing channel in the world." - Ezra Firestone

How Barilliance Enables Cart Abandonment via Facebook Messenger

We recognize the importance of Messenger marketing, and clearly see its potential to decrease cart abandonment. 

I'm proud to announce that Barilliance will soon allow customers to retarget visitors, without the need for IT resources.

The entire process is set up for our customers.

It begins with a nice widget placed directly on the product page. 

By adding the product to their cart and leaving the widget checked, they will automatically be subscribed to your Facebook bot (note, this assumes that they are currently signed into Facebook).

If a shopper abandons their purchase, we will track the event and send a message on your behalf. The message will be sent from your Facebook Page directly to your customer's Facebook Messenger app.

Here's an example.

Next Steps

FB Messenger will continue to grow in user adoption and action. 

We're building our capabilities to reflect this change. To learn more about how we help eCommerce brands battle cart abandonment, schedule a quick demo here.

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