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4 Content Marketing Trends in 2015, for Ecommerce

PEC_hires_no_tag_trans By ARMANDO ROGGIO

Content Personalization Will Get Easier

In “Using Omni-channel Personalization for Ecommerce,” Contributing Editor Gagan Mehra described some of the benefits of ecommerce personalization, including increased customer loyalty, improved revenue, lower order abandonment rates, and better understanding customers. In 2014, many online sellers used personalization to help reap the sorts of benefits that Mehra described, particularly around how or when content is displayed. But there are many  more ecommerce firms that have not really tapped into personalization because they believe that they did not have the capability serve up personalized shopping experiences. Fortunately, tools like Barilliance, ….and similar will make it much easier for ecommerce marketers to personalize in 2015….. Read More

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