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Cyber Monday 2020 Statistics (including Cart Abandonment & Conversion Rate)

Traditionally, Black Friday has been the most important shopping day in many major markets. However, as store's merchandising strategies began to evolve, a number of competing shopping occasions developed. 

None of these is as big as Cyber Monday. 

Today we look at Cyber Monday statistics, including how shoppers behaved across devices and countries. Specifically we looked at shopping cart abandonment rates and conversion rates. Finally, we give some thoughts on how you can maximize your own sales during the holiday season.

Cyber Monday 2020 Statistics (including cart abandonment rate and conversion rate)

To understand buyer behavior during Cyber Monday, we pooled session data from the hundreds of eCommerce stores that use Barilliance. 

We segmented the data by both country and device. This is what we found. 

Cyber Monday Cart Abandonment Statistics

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment by Country in 2020

As with Black Friday, 2020 saw a wide range of cart abandonment rates across countries.

The biggest difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday came from the global segment, which includes all countries. On Black Friday, the average cart abandonment rate was 77.79%. However, on Cyber Monday, the average cart abandonment rate was 80.69%. 

Spain again showed the highest abandonment rates. 85.77% of shoppers who added an item to their cart left without making a purchase. That rate is a full 10% higher than Great Britain and 6% higher than the global average.

2. Shopping Cart Abandonment by Country in 2019

2019 Cyber Monday had a wide range of cart abandonment rates. The global average was 68.05%. 

That is significantly lower than the normal average cart abandonment rate. On average, consumers abandon carts 78.65% when it isn't Black Friday. 

In other words, shoppers converted at a 13.48% better rate than what you would expect!

We also found a wide variance in consumer behavior across countries. 

Spain experienced the highest levels of cart abandonment on Cyber Monday (85.16%). Cart abandonment was 25.14% higher than the global average. 

The United States shoppers abandoned carts at the second lowest rate: 60.78%, and 10.68% below the global average.

Cyber Monday Conversion Rate Statistics

1. Conversion Rates by Country in 2020

Average conversion rates had a much higher variance than abandonment rates. 

As expected based on abandonment, Spain and Israel saw the lowest conversion rates (1.09% and 1.42% respectively). 

In contrast, Great Britain and Australia had the two highest conversion rates at 3.02% and 2.7%, nearly 3x the lower performing geographies.

The United States saw conversion rates of 2.47%, 37.9% higher than the global average.

2. Conversion Rates by Country in 2019

Cyber Monday eCommerce conversion rates also varied widely. Canada saw an incredible 15.26% conversion rate, while Spain saw a 2.87%. 

While most countries' conversion rates followed their cart abandonment rates (low cart abandonment rates mean a higher conversion rate), France was an outlier. 

They had the third highest cart abandonment rate and the second highest conversion rate. 

Meanwhile, the United States had a Cyber Monday conversion rate of 5.98% (22.5% above the global average). 

Cyber Monday Mobile Statistics

1. Cyber Monday saw higher cart abandonment rates on Mobile in 2020

Segmenting by device, we see consistently higher cart abandonment rates on mobile vs other sized platforms.

This is in line with last year's findings.

Globally, average cart abandonment rates on mobile were 83.68% compared to the blended 80.69% number.

Likewise, the United States saw mobile cart abandonment rates of 83.31% compared to Computer rates of 70.62%.

2. eCommerce Stores Improved Cart Abandonment Rate on Mobile, but Still Trails Computers.

eCommerce stores made massive improvements in mobile cart abandonment rate.

Previously we showed how the average cart abandonment rate on mobile is 85.65%. 

However on Cyber Monday many countries experienced mobile cart abandonment lower than 70%, including France, the Netherlands, United States, and Canada. 

Still, 6 of the 8 countries (including global average) showed the visitors continued to have a lower cart abandonment rate on desktops vs mobile devices. 

3. Cyber Monday Conversion Rates by Country and Device 2020 

Similar differences across devices can be seen in conversion rates.

In the United States, sessions on computers had 36.62% higher conversion rates than mobile sessions.

4. Cyber Monday Conversion Rates by Country and Device in 2019

Finally, we are able to break down Cyber Monday conversion rates by both country and device. 

While some countries showed relatively stable conversion rates across device (like Australia and Great Britain), others had significantly higher conversion rates on computers - namely Canada, France, and Spain. 

In the United States, shoppers converted most on tablets. The conversion rate on Cyber Monday on tablets was 7.28%, compared to 6.59% on computers and 5.12% on mobile. 

Globally, computers outperformed other devices with a conversion rate of 7.09%. Tablets converted 4.11% of visitors and phones converted just 3.66% of visitors into customers. 

Next Steps

Cyber Monday and the entire holiday shopping season is a great opportunity for eCommerce stores to maximize sales. 

We've put together a number of helpful guides to help. 

First, here is an in-depth guide on how to lower your cart abandonment. It includes detailed case studies, how-tos on how to craft cart abandonment emails, and most importantly, what you can do to bring visitors back to complete their purchase. 

Next, we have a guide on increasing conversion rates -with specific tactics using website personalization and advanced product recommendations

Lastly, if you would like to see how Barilliane helps hundreds of eCommerce stores recover sales and maximize holiday opportunities like Cyber Monday, schedule a demo here.

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