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Drive Engagement With Effective Personalization: Introducing Content Personalization

Conversions depend on effective offers.

At Barilliance, we've helped hundreds do so with advanced product recommendations. However, there is an issue.

Clients want to go beyond recommending single products. They want to dynamically match brands, product categories, and really any type of content to each visitor. 

Enter Content Personalization.

Introducing Content Personalization

Unlike our product recommendation widget, Content Personalization uses collections as their output. 

Collections can be anything from products, brands, posts, categories, or promotions. Our personalization algorithm then showcases items within the collection to users. As visitors interact with the site, we adapt which items are presented.

Content Personalization extends your ability to create relevant offers. 

A live example

To illustrate, I want to go through a live example. 

Below is a screenshot of a Content Personalization widget. In this case, the collection is made up of product categories (such as women fragrance or moisturizers) and specific brands (such as The Ordinary).

Initially, the widget is populated with items that are most popular.

As the visitor interacts with the site, the widget personalizes which items are presented. In this example the visitor uses the main navigation to select the "Too Faced" brand.

When the visitor returns to the homepage, the content personalization widget is updated to reflect their expressed interests. 

​The Same Advanced Features You Expect

Content Personalization utilizes the same personalization engine powering our product recommendation. All the advanced features are immediate available.

They include:

  • Omnichannel Integration - Combine offline and online customer data to present the most relevant offers.
  • Brand Integration - Complete control over the design of the widget to maintain brand cohesion.
  • Real Time - Recommendations update immediately with in-session data.
  • End-to-End Analytics - Track impressions, conversions, and generated revenue in a single dashboard.

​Next Steps...

Customers expect personalized experiences.

Content Personalization goes beyond dynamic message bars and product recommendations. We are excited to share this new capability with you.

If you aren't a client yet, you can read more about our recommendation engine abilities here and here.

Then, whenever you're ready, schedule a demo with one of our specialists

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