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How to boost email blasts conversion rate

Email blasts are an important tool in every marketer’s toolbox. This month we’d like to introduce  two new features that will help you boost conversions from the email channel.

 #1 Email Recommendations Designer Revamp

Adding Personalized Product Recommendations to your email blasts just got easier!

The new Email Recommendations Designer features a complete customizable graphics design. Use it to add great looking product recommendations anywhere you want in your emails! With it you can build both fixed and responsive recommendations.

The new designer also features:

  • Support for product labels (“New”, “Sale” “Best sellers”)
  • Predefined templates for producing great good looking widgets out of the box!
  • Easy way to to create call for action buttons such as “Buy Now”


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  #2 Re-target Your Newsletter Readers

Customer email addresses are gold. What if you could capture an email automatically without requiring the visitor to enter their address? Is that possible?

Yes – with the new Barilliance Triggered Email Booster. If a visitor lands on your website from a link in your newsletter, we can automatically pair that person with their associated email. This solution enables you to identity previously anonymous shoppers without bothering them for information.
Deployment of the solution is simple and takes just minutes. Simply go to the console’s settings window, get the HTML code for a special pixel and add it to the bottom of your newsletter template. And let the magic begin!  Barilliance does all the rest. No IT skills are required, and no additional code needs to be installed.

trigger email booster

Triggered Email Booster -how to

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