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Cart abandonment

Personalize Your Cart Abandonment Emails

As an e-tailer you must know how important cart abandonment emails are to recovering your lost sales.

There are many different types of content you can use in your emails, such as showing abandoned cart items, product recommendations, offering discounts or free shipping, highlighting customer service help and more.

Customers respond best to different types of contents depending on their demographics, shopping habit, stage at the shopping journey and reasons for abandoning their carts.

This means that the most appealing, relevant content can change depending on the person and can change for the same person over time.

So how can you ensure that the abandoners are exposed to the optimal content for them in cart abandonment emails?

Personalize your cart abandonment emails.


How can you personalize your cart abandonment emails?

Personalization 1:

What? Personalize the type of content that is used in each email to each customer.

How? Address the issue that caused the customer to abandon their cart and consider known shopping habits, stage of the journey and first time vs. returning visitor.

– For price sensitive, first-time visitors – offer a discount
– For those who abandoned due to shipping costs – offer free shipping
– For those who wanted an out-of-stock product – suggest sending them a ‘back in stock’ email
– For those who abandoned due to confusion – suggest helping them with their process

Personalization 2:

What? Personalize the content itself that is put in each email.

– Personalized product recommendations (see FAQ) – show relevant products
– Personalized discounts – offer different discount percentage or discounts on different things (i.e. only for items in cart, specific category or brand, etc.)

How? Personalize according to the customer’s:

– Demographics (age, gender, etc.)
– Location (geo-targeting)
– Cart content
– Purchase and browsing history
– Overall shopping behavior
– Brand affinity
– Price sensitivity
– Most recent activity

And more.


Why is personalization of cart abandonment emails important?

You should personalize your cart abandonment emails so that each of your customers receives the most relevant content and experience. This way the message will be optimized to the highest effectiveness in motivating the customers to recover their carts (your lost sales).

Therefore, personalization in cart abandonment emails induces higher customer engagement rates and reduces cart abandonment rates by 10%-30%.

For example, Lux Fix, an online fashion retailer, implemented Barilliance’s email personalization solution and personalized product recommendations in emails. This resulted in 85.7% increase in email conversion rates and 136.2% increase in recovered sales from cart abandonment emails.

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