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Product Recommendations Best Practices Study

A new study published today by Barilliance reveals that conversion rate of visitors who click on product recommendations is 5.5 higher than the conversion rate of non-clicking visitors.

The study aggregated data was collected from 50m sessions that were exposed to product recommendations powered by Barilliance. 

Above the fold, recommendations were found to be 1.7 times more effective than below the fold recommendations. Out of the 20+ product recommendations that were reviewed in this study, the most engaging recommendation type was ‘what customers ultimately buy’, followed by ‘Customers also viewed’ (on product page). 

CTR of personalized ‘Top Sellers’ recommendations was found 2 times more effective than the CTR of global (non-personalized) ‘Top Sellers’ recommendations.

Product recommendations best practices Study presented in the following infographic.

Product recommendations best practice




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