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Cart abandonment

shopping cart abandonment service released

Last week we released the latest member of our e-commerce personalization products suite:  a shopping cart recovery tool that sends automated emails to shoppers who left the checkout process without making a purchase.

Of course we maintained our zero integration philosophy which means that online retailers can implement the service in a few minutes.  Our code snippet reads the content of the shopping cart without special tags!


Currently we provide an end-to-end solution and our system sends out the emails but in the future we will add “connectors” to popular email marketing platforms.

If you are using our product recommendations or segmentation products, there are exciting synergies between the 3 products.  For example if you offer a promotion in the email, you can upload a matching banner on the shopping cart page that will be served on for those customers who clicked on the link embedded in the cart abandonment email.

Drop us a line if you want to give it a try.

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