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A New Social Proof Application for Online Retailers that Drives Conversions

Barilliance (, the e-commerce personalization solutions provider, will be launching “Live!” at IRCE 2015. The new product uses social proof techniques to build trust and creates a sense of urgency by presenting real-time notifications of shoppers’ activity on eCommerce sites. The live notifications are created while visitors visit the e-commerce site in a powerful new way.

Machine learning algorithms constantly learn and ensure that the most effective messages are presented, for each visitor based on the user’s buying intent and conversion barriers. This means that first time visitors might see a completely different set of notifications from those returning customers will.

“This is a natural evolution of our personalization suite of products” said Nir Ben-Dor, Barilliance’s Co-Founder.  We have been testing the new product for the last 6 months on leading e-commerce sites worldwide, and the results have been outstanding. Most sites experienced up to 8% increase in conversion rates when we a/b tested the solution against a control group.

The new product, ‘Live!’, joins the Barilliance e-commerce personalization suite that also includes cross channel personalized product recommendations, behavioral triggered emails and real-time website personalization.

‘Live!’ Key features:

  • Automatic optimization – the product conducts automatic conversion optimization by testing the effectiveness of each message against a control group
  • Built on top the Barilliance personalization engine – messages are also optimized based on the user profiles
  • Full control: the notifications are fully customizable to match your site’s design and you can disable some of them and set conditions when, where and how many of them will appear
  • 15 Types of notifications such as “3721 people are shopping now”, “last purchase of this product was from Chicago 12 minutes ago” and “15 people are looking at this product right now”

Live social proof notifications


KWD with live notifications

About Barilliance:

Barilliance is a comprehensive e-commerce personalization suite that helps e-commerce sites of various sizes to personalize their users’ shopping experience. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery and Zero Integration technology enable online retailers to reap the benefits of our personalisation technology without upfront investment.  Barilliance solutions are used by over 500 e-commerce sites in 26 countries. Barilliance will be presenting in the IRCE 2015 at booth 874.

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