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The power of a personalization platform

Personalization is all about listening and understanding the individual customer which is key to any B2C company. Barilliance provides a personalization platform and our customers can leverage strong synergies between our products.

Here are 2 examples:

  1. Our product recommendations service, includes rich segmentation capabilities (from our behavioral targeting product) which allows our customers to setup sophisticated merchandising rules based on Geographic locations or on-site search terms for example, and to promote specific products for these visitors
  2. Customers who use our cart abandonment emails functionality , can use post click marketing tactics, and show a banner on the website to customers who clicked on the email,  with the same offer they promoted in the email

Now think about feedback forms, the pop-ups that ask customers for feedback. Add a website personalization platform underneath and suddenly this simple application becomes a channel to start relevant and proactive conversations with your customers. Instead of showing the same feedback form to everyone, you can start asking very specific and relevant questions. For example: shoppers who abandoned the cart and are first time visitors or customers who bought stuff in the last week or someone who arrived from an email campaign and is about to leave the site. Instead of starring at Google analytics and wondering about the low conversion rate of French visitors, you can be proactive and ask them why they are leaving or if they got confused.

Personalization changes the game and touches everything; that’s why we are so excited about it.

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