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What are Triggered Emails?

What are triggered emails?

There are multiple reasons for sending emails to customers throughout their shopping journey. However, sending them manually is time-consuming, effortful and confusing.

Instead of manually sending out emails, you can have emails sent out automatically. These are called triggered emails – emails that are sent out automatically due to pre-set triggers.

Such triggers can be split into 3 categories:

– Action or behavior of a customer
– Event on your site
– Time

You can set different messages to send out according to different triggers, at a pre-set time (i.e. immediately after the action/event or a set time after it happens). Additionally, the message must be personalized to each customer in real-time (according to her shopping behavior, progress in the customer journey, etc.).


Why should you use triggered emails?

Since these emails are sent out automatically, they are simple to use, effortless and time-saving.

Since triggered emails create personalized messages and experiences that are relevant to the customer’s situation, they induce higher engagement, click through, satisfaction and conversion rates. The emails establish, build and maintain trust and customer loyalty and therefore result in higher customer retention rates.

According to Forrester Research, triggered emails can generate 4 times more revenue and 18 times greater profits than regular emails. Additionally, Epsilon found that triggered emails have a 152% higher click-through-rate than regular emails.


How do you implement triggered emails?

Know the types of triggered emails:

There are endless triggers you could set for your emails. Some of the most common and essential ones can be found in this article of 9 examples of triggered emails that draw subscribers in.

Inject your brand’s personality into them:

It is essential to inject your brand’s personality into every email sent to your customers. This gives a consistent, familiar feel of the brand and a holistic brand experience. Furthermore, it improves the brand image and enhances trust, satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Personalize your emails:

Personalization is key in emails as the right message should be sent to the right customer at the right time. This way the message is relevant and more effective.

Implement the software:

Use the Barilliance Triggered Emails feature to select, set, personalize and customize the triggered emails you send out to your customers.

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