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5 Tools That Will Personalize Our Ecommerce Experience in 2016

By Yoav Vilner

….More or less, ecommerce generally serves as a means to an end: your customers need a product, they search for it online, and purchase it because its the least expensive or most viable option. If a competing site has better products, better presentation, or is more convenient and interactive, they will win the customer’s love again and again.

But ecommerce has the potential to be so much more. With today’s technology, we can infuse personality into the online shopping experience……..

……Each of your users come with their own unique needs. Therefore, adjusting your offerings to match them can yield significant rewards. Barilliance is able to derive important data about your customers such as where they are from, what searches they have made, how they came to your site and more.

The tool then configures itself to show pertinent offerings, sales, deals, and more to engage users and help them gain a more satisfying and personal shopping experience.

This way, not only are your customers happy with the service, but they also feel greater customer loyalty to your store.

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