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The top 6 Mistakes even expert email marketers make

Tips to help you learn how to effectively utilize trigger emails and reduce shopping cart abandonment

When it comes to successful email marketing, it is evident that carefully worded calls to action must be married with incentive for the customer to convert. Consumers must be enticed to click through from the email message, enter the retail e-commerce website and make a transaction. They must be provided with the assurance that their patronage is valued and that their satisfaction is of the company’s utmost importance.

The internet is rich with “email marketing best practices” resources; articles, blog posts, software and how-to lists enlightening those interested in utilizing trigger emails as an effective marketing tool with vast amounts of information on the topic. Despite the wealth in available material, email marketers continue to commit trigger email faux-pas that extend beyond the realm of misspells and misplaced graphics. These errors dramatically reduce the possibility that website abandoners will return to their discarded shopping carts and make purchases.

Here are the top 6 ways email marketers can avoid critical mistakes and successfully re-target and encourage website visitors to return to the company’s website and convert:

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