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Add Product Recommendations to Cart Abandonment Emails?

One of the best practices to recover abandoned carts is by sending out cart abandonment emails, which reduces abandonment by 10%-30%. So, what kind of content can we put in the email that encourages customers to return to the site and to finalize their purchase?

Some of the most common strategies marketers use in remarketing emails are: offering a coupon or a discount, offering promotions based on order value or cart content as well as offering product recommendations.

Another option is to use personalized product recommendations in the remarketing emails.


What is it?

This means that instead of showing the same product recommendations in your emails to all of your customers, you will show different product recommendations that are particularly interesting to each individual shopper.

How does it work?

The right product to the right person:

Barilliance’s personalization engine uses the data associated with each specific email address and generates recommendations based on their most recent activity on the site. The shopper’s overall shopping behaviors, past purchases and browsing history are all taken into consideration.

The engine will consider specific items, product categories and brands viewed on the website as well as price range of items. More consideration will be given to items that were added to the cart or were recently purchased. If, however, there is not enough data to offer personalized recommendations, the products shown will be a mix of top sellers, items with a good click-through-rate and items you have manually selected.

At the right time:

The relevant product recommendations must be presented at the right time because the customer’s preferences and needs change over time. The right time is when the customer opens the remarketing email.

Therefore, Barilliance’s personalized product recommendations in emails are dynamic and are generated in real-time – when the customer opens the email instead of when the email is sent. Once they are generated, they remain the same for 24 hours. If the email is opened again after 24 hours a new set of recommendations will be generated.

Other features:

The product recommendations should include easy and clear calls for actions, such as “Buy Now”. Furthermore, you may also choose to include a discount or coupon for the specific items, items category or brand recommended to increase the likelihood of click-throughs. However, as the Co-founder of Barilliance stated, the personalization of recommendations is so effective that the customer “will respond to the offer even without a promotion”.


Why is it so effective?

Unsurprisingly, when shoppers receive the latest arrivals or discounted items from their favorite category or brand, their experience becomes more relevant and they are more tempted to make a purchase. Moreover, the dynamicity allows more accurate and relevant recommendations as it takes into consideration the current status of the user, the product stock levels and more changing factors.

Therefore, the dynamic, personalized product recommendations in remarketing emails are extremely effective as they transfer the right message to the right shopper at the right time. Indeed, adding such feature to your remarketing emails can lead to 30% increase in sales conversion rates and 35% in click-through rates.

After implementing Barilliance’s personalized product recommendation in cart abandonment emails experienced a 175% increase in their email click-through-rate and 30% increase in their conversion rate. Another company experienced their click-through-rate increase from 6% to 50% as well as an increase of their ROI. Lux Fix experienced a 85.7% increase in email conversion rates and a 136.2% increase in recovered sales from cart abandonment emails.

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