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Auto applying coupons for eligible customer segments

Back in November we released a new and powerful feature as part of the behavioral targeting product. It allows marketers to automatically apply coupon codes only to eligible segments of customers, and to create a sense of urgency and scarcity around the offer.  It also provides better control of codes distribution since you don’t need to communicate the actual code to customers – our software fills the code and applies it automatically. The screen below shows an offer to international visitors who arrive to – $20 off on international shipping Golf MENA When they click on the banner and arrive to , this segment of customers see the offer and that it expires in 24 hours golfmena2 Next when they add products to the cart (value over $99) , the coupon code is applied automatically for them. This is just one of many segments you can target with this feature. Other examples will be discussed here in the future.


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