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Do you treat your best customers differently?

You probably know that good feeling when you are a regular at a restaurant or a shop. When you come in,  you’re treated differently and you feel important.  I always wonder why most online retailers do not reward their best and most loyal customers. There are a few ways you can identify and value your repeat customers. The most naive way is by frequency and amount of purchase.  The image below shows how you can do it using our behavioral targeting product. purchased Most online retailers tend to focus on converting their first time visitors and do not reward their existing and often most loyal customers.  Studies have shown that top converting e-commerce sites do so well because of their focus on repeat customers.  It’s a good practice to reward repeat customers and offer them discounts to increase their loyalty, if you don’t do it, think about it! There is another activity that it is becoming more and more important to measure and should be taken into account when evaluating the value of customers – it is their social activity. A like or a tweet from a customer who has many real friends/followers could result in increased sales.  A customer that posts a good review about your product can help convert future visitors who read this review.  These customers are valuable even if they are not big spenders themselves and should be treated accordingly.

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