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Cart abandonment

Basket abandonment emails, the feedback opportunity

Most merchants think about cart abandonment emails as an opportunity to recover lost sales and that is indeed the ultimate goal. But following up with this segment of visitors presents another opportunity: getting their feedback.

Shoppers who started the checkout process but and have not completed the order is one of the most lucrative segments for feedback solicitation.  From this segment, you can understand if your checkout process is too long, or if you charge too much for delivery or if first time visitors don’t feel confident buying from you.

One of our customers used this verbiage in his cart abandonment emails: “We’ve noticed that you recently tried to purchase some items from our website but for some reasons you haven’t finished the purchase. If we’ve done anything wrong please let us know by replying to this email or by calling us on …”

Guess how customers responded? many of them replied saying that the customer did not do anything wrong and provided additional information about their situation.  From these emails our customer started conversations with these prospects that either led to sales or provided important feedback.

So when you craft your remarketing emails, think about them also as an opportunity to start a conversation with your prospects/customers and use the right tone to spark such conversations.

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