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personalized email recommendations without integration

We’ve been supporting email recommendations for a while now but it required our customers to use our apis which also meant –  an “IT project”.  We noticed that this approach creates a barrier for adoption of the technology and we thought that there must be a better way to add product recommendations to  emails without pushing the integration burden to our customers.

We are excited to announce that in the spirit of our “zero integration” philosophy we came up with an innovative way that allows our customers to add personalized product recommendations to emails without any coding. And even better, our new product works with any email marketing platform that supports custom fields.

As a marketer all you need to do is login to your Barilliance account and create an email recommendations widget and then:

1. Select your email provider

2. Customize the widget if you want to


3. Copy and paste the HTML into your email marketing template


4. That’s it!

After you hit “Send” in your email marketing software , your emails will contain personalized product recommendations based on customers’ recent activity on your website.

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