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How a Cart abandonment email solution achieved an ROI of 7,400%

Introduction offers customers worldwide, residential and commercial swimming pool supplies.   Faced with a very high rate of cart abandonment, INYOpools chose to implement the Barilliance Triggered email solution to tackle the problem and increase conversion rate.


After a very swift implementation process,   INYOpools executed a retargeting email campaign that contained a user initiated email and 4 automatically triggered emails.


The first email type – Email my cart– was sent per the visitors’ request with their cart content.  The second email type was: Cart abandonment multi stage campaign that triggered up to 4 emails during a period of 7 days.


Revenue wise the Barilliance campaign accounted for 5% of the total site revenue! For every $1 spent on the Barilliance solution, INYOpools managed to retrieve back $74.  That’s an ROI of 7400%


Email My Cart – A great email grabbing tool

When visitors, who added at least 1 item to their cart were about to leave the InyoPools site, they were presented with a PopUp message offering to send them their cart content. This message was presented only to visitors who did not previously register with the site, and served as a great tool for grabbing email addresses of potential customers. The ‘Email my Cart’ email was then sent to those first time visitors, minutes after the abandonment.  If those visitors did not convert after that first email, their email address was automatically added to the cart abandonment multistage email campaign.


Cart abandonment multistage email campaign

Once a visitor abandoned the site with items in the cart, the Barilliance system automatically triggered a set of 4 pre-defined consecutive emails that contained the abandoned items.  The first email was sent 30 minutes after the abandonment, if the email did not convert into a sale, the next email was sent 23 hours later, the next after 4 days and the last email was sent 7 days after the abandonment.  In case of a conversion, the Barilliance system automatically unsubscribed the customer’s email address from the cart abandonment email campaign.


Personalized Product Recommendations

In addition to the abandoned items, the cart abandonment email also contained a set of personalized product recommendations that were directly related to the items left on the visitor’s cart.


Cross Platform Compatibility

The Barilliance solution automatically adjusts the cart abandonment email content to the user’s browsing device. In the INYOpools campaign, when cart abandonment emails were opened on a SmartPhone, a ‘Click to Call’ action button was automatically added to the email.



Emails Open Rate and Conversion Rate

INYOPools were able to convert 17.6% of the total abandoned carts, over the period of 30 days. It is only natural that customer responded more positively to the ‘Email my Cart’ emails, resulting in a higher open and conversion rate than in the case of any of the ‘Multi Stage’ emails.

conversion rates



Revenue Distribution across the Various Email Types

‘Email my Cart’ email accounted for 32% of the total campaign revenues.    Revenue wise, persistence paid off for as much as 12% of the total converted revenues were retrieved from emails sent even 7 days after the abandonment.

revenue by email type




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